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What does it mean to live and lead from the Christian narrative?

Why Proximate leadership?

I know what it is like living in the ‘space between.’ When you feel like each and every one of your efforts continue to fall short, but you know there is something more. One of my favorite authors writes that “Living our lives between times is the human experience. Deep within us is the hope that it was not always this way, and equally deep is the longing that it will not always be this way… But sometimes some people still choose to enter in, knowing what they know. Whatever our vocation, it always means making peace with the proximate, with something rather than nothing—in marriage and in family, at work and at worship, at home and in the public square, in our cities and around the world. That is not a cold-hearted calculus; rather it is a choice to live by hope, even when hope is hard.”

Whatever your current circumstances, there is hope. Yes, it is hard, but walk on we must.

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Who we Are

Brian Jensen, M.A.

With 15 years of experience in the nonprofit faith-based sector, Brian brings a broad understanding of leadership and what it takes to make organizations like yours work. His specialty areas include organizational culture, personnel development and team building, leadership development, and educational management. Brian understands how organizations work and how leading your team with excellence can make a difference.

Prior to consulting, Brian served as the Vice President of Student Development at a private college in the Pittsburgh area. He is also the co-author of Storied Leadership: Living and Leading from the Christian Narrative - order it here.

Brian currently resides north of Pittsburgh with his wife Sara, their four children Toby, Zoe, Levi and Mira, and a dog who usually goes by the name Jax.