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Ep. 2: Fighting Sex Trafficking

In this episode, Brian and Keith sit down to talk with Nicole Bromley Braddock. Nicole is the founder of OneVOICE and the founder and Executive Director of OneVOICE4freedom, a non-profit organization stopping child sex trafficking around the world. In 2010 Nicole began a campaign across East Africa to Stamp Out Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking and was the first woman to ever give a public address on the topics of sexual abuse and child sex slavery in the country of Uganda.

During the interview, they discuss the work of her non-profits, actual stories of people experiencing freedom, and ways in which stories impact our lives and practices. 


Find everything about Nicole's work here

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Obama's 2015 Speech at the Clinton Global Initiative on Modern Slavery

International Justice Mission

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Catch Court in Columbus

Unleashing Opportunity

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