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Storied Leadership: Living and Leading from the Christian Narrative

Are you looking for something more than leadership tips, tricks, and techniques? Are you longing for a perspective on leadership that is developed from the rich story of the Scriptures? Storied Leadership offers just that. Jensen and Martel take their readers on a journey through the biblical narrative, drawing out rich and poignant ways that the scriptures help us to understand the world—and enable us to live and lead more authentically. Storied Leadership offers an encounter that will help anyone—from the pastor to the stay-at-home-mom to the CEO to the college student—influence more faithfully in a world groaning for redemption. Every practice emerges from a story about reality. The question is: What story is your leadership influenced by?

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Coming Summer 2019: Reimagining the Student Experience: Formative Practices for Changing Times, edited by Brian Jensen & Sarah Visser. A collaboration of voices from across the country offering expertise around particular themes evident in contemporary higher education and emerging trends—and how the truth we find in the scriptures should orient our thinking and our work.

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