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Speak Truth

“I can’t tell a lie.  I did cut it with my hatchet.”  That’s how the story of young George Washington and his cherry tree goes.  Now, we know that young George certainly could have told a lie – but he chose not to.  And so it is with us, often on a daily basis.  When we influence (and we all do) we must understand the crucial importance of truth telling.  Without this, we lose the trust of those around us, and there goes our influence. And it is more than just “telling (speaking) the truth.”  We need to act honestly and with integrity in all situations, even when it hurts, as Psalm 15 reminds us. Verbally and nonverbally, when others are watching and when we’re alone, in big things and in small things.

There is a link below, a short article about leading authentically.  The paradigm of authentic leadership is an important one, it includes more than I have time to get into right now. When it comes to acting with integrity in all of our spheres of influence, we must consider authenticity.  The short article provides a few short highlights about ways in which we can think about this.

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May we all continue to strive toward truth telling and acting with integrity, keeping in mind those powerful words from Psalm 15 to “Walk straight, act right, tell the truth… Keep your word even when it costs you” (MSG).